Balleydier Loïc,
Web Developper and more

Hi !


Passionate by the computer science nearly three years now, I take an interest about lots of fields like the web development, the software engineering or the database management.

Thanks to my vocational course in electronics engineering, I was able to acquire work methods independently as well as in a group. My work experiences expanded my curiosity, my dedication and a view about the companies’ coordination still young but certainly there.

Now, in the computer science, I've been discovering many professionals and personals leisure activities. The technology degree of computer science require self-sufficiency, independent learning, team spirit and investment. As many points that I've been using for improve my knowledges. Finally, groups’ project undertook in courses have provided me self-confidence, responsibility and management’s basis.


During my spare time, I get news about technology and more general from time to time. I could spend hours finding latest news about deep learning and I’m always impressed by all challenges already completed and lacks of understanding brought. I’m very interesting too by sciences and more specifically by the quantum physics. Seriously, it’s not crazy that a cat should be alive AND dead in the same time?! Oops, I think I forgot some elements for this experience… Anyway…

Because I dislike the silence, I listen to music almost all time: electronic, country, rock, metal, classical (sometimes for my ears and my brain) and dubstep.

Reading and video games provide lots of to my creativity. In the near or far future, I would like to develop a games to satisfy my curiosity and my thirst for knowledges but, days are too short today.

Finally, because I’m not only a geek, I get involved in an association who liven up students’ life in the technology degree of computer science at IUT of Annecy. I’ve the role of secretary and I enjoy it.


DUT Informatique

2-year university diploma in computer science

Specialty : Computer science in progress

University of Savoy / IUT Annecy - Annecy-le-Vieux, France

2015 - 2017

French Vocational Baccalaureate

with high honors

3-year vocational High School diploma in electronics engineering

Specialty : Electronics engineering, energies and communicating systems

Porte des Alpes Vocational High-school - Rumilly, France

2012 - 2015










Framework/CMS Joomla


CMS WordPress


















Mastered software

  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher
  • Microsoft Project
  • Wireframe Sketcher
  • Code::Blocks, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Sublime Text

Acquired notions

  • POO (Object Oriented Programming
  • UML
  • Merise
  • TDD (Test Driven Developement)


  • French : fluent (native langage)
  • English - Level B1/B2 : intermediate

Personal skills

  • Responsible
  • Punctual
  • Ordely
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Curious



Toujours la même volonté remarquable de réussir. Un esprit et une capacité de travail toujours aussi excellents. Très grande implication dans toutes les matières. Elève impliqué dans sa formation.

Guillaume Jorge,Electronics engineering teacher

Porte des Alpes Vocational High School - Rumilly, France

Contact :

Not yet available

Stéphane Vischioni, Head of the Electrical Department

Technic Automation - St-Martin Bellevue, France

Contact :

Not yet available

Roland Falquet, Electrician

Pringy, France

Contact :

Not yet available

Mustapha Boubkari, Hardware Department

Alpha-3i - Rumilly, France

Contact :

My projects

FCPE Intranet screen

FCPE Intranet

For my second year university-project, with 4 other co-worker, we've designing and developing an intranet for the FCPE association. It developing with the CMS and Framework Joomla.

Website : Not available

TripAdvisor Website screen

TripAdvisor Website

For my second year university, with 4 other co-worker, we designed and developed a website like TripAdvisor. It developed with PHP and JQuery. We used agile software developpement for five weeks.

Website : TripAdvisor (You need a VPN connection and an authentication)

Odin association Website screen

Odin association Website

For my first year university, with 4 other co-worker, we designed and developed a website for the association Odin. It developed with the CMS WordPress and PHP. This project lasted for 5 days.

Website : Le Parti (You need a VPN connection)

Words machine screen

Words machine

I'm developing a website that you give the possibility to create random words based on the dictionnary of your language. For now, I work on a French version. For more informations about the experience : La machine à inventer des mots

Website : Work in progress